emsculpt abdomen

EMSCULPT Builds Muscle and Reduces Fat in the Abdomen

Using HIFEM Technology, Emsculpt provides toning and definition.

As waves of fitness fads have swept the US over the past several decades, a cadre of medical professionals and fitness gurus has declared the sure-fire way to a tone and fit physique is through diet and exercise. But that’s simply not true. Despite their best efforts, many people can’t achieve the flat belly and rippling abdominal musculature they desire. Enter Emscuplt from BTL Aesthetics. “To my knowledge this is the first device that has been used clinically that gives you this combination of decreasing fat and increasing muscle in one treatment,” says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Brian Kinney, MD. 

“This is a first-in-class technology. There’s no other technology that targets muscle. So, from that standpoint and my assessment, this is a must-have technology,” adds David Kent, MD, a dermatologist in Macon, GA. “This technology was extensively studied and documented prior to launch, and it’s the only technology that focuses on muscle.” 


Emscuplt employs High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) Energy that builds muscle and eliminates fat for a first-of-its-kind approach to body sculpting. Clinical results are impressive, and patient satisfaction ranks high, but the science behind the technology truly sets it apart, say clinical investigators and early adopters. “We’ve done ultrasound studies as part of the trials that we are doing with the device to show that there is reduction in the thickness of the fat and also thickening of the muscles. There’s toning and tightening of the muscles, too,” Dr. Katz points out. 


Emsculpt is nothing short of a game changer, experts suggest. “This is the first technology that we’ve had that targets anything other than skin and fat. It targets muscle,” Dr. Kent says. 

“It’s incredible,” that patients achieve results with just four total treatments (twice per week for two weeks), says Chicago dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD. 

The high intensity focused electromagnetic energy induces super-intense muscle contractions or supramaximal con- tractions. “You get almost 20,000 forced muscle contractions in a 30-minute session,” Dr. Kent observes. “That’s an unimaginable number of muscle contractions in that short period of time.” 

“The fat loss is undeniable because we’ve documented it by CT, ultrasound, as well as MRI,” Dr. Kent says. “You can measure the reduction in fat thickness, and you can actually see the increase in muscle mass, as well.” 

Patients begin to notice significant results about two
to three weeks after treatment, says Dr. Jacob. This makes sense, she says, because “you don’t grow muscle overnight.” Patients tell her that they see and feel the results at around three weeks. 

Emsculpt could have “big implications for mommy make-overs,” Dr. Kent suggests. “After pregnancy, women are instructed not to exercise their abdomen, because the rectus sheath has been so thinned out. And, when they do exercise, it increases the inter-abdominal pressure, and that pushes on the muscle, thinning it even more.” But Emsculpt can target these very muscles, prompting the supramaximal contractions that improve muscle tone and reduce diastasis recti. Those in their 40s and 50s who are in good shape but seeing a loss of muscle tone or who note a new accumulation of abdominal fat are obvious candidates for treatment, says Dr. Kent. 

Dr. Jacob finds that younger patients who are already working out and focused on fitness are interested in Emsculpt treatment. But older patients are certainly candidates, too. Dr. Jacob especially recommends Emsculpt for practices that currently offer energy based treatments, with a “clientele who’s fairly fit, but wants to be more competitive with their fitness or wants to take it to the next level.” Emsculpt is ideal for fit patients who “can’t get enough definition with all the workouts that they do. They have a little bit of fat, but it’s not enough to use any of the other devices,” she says. 

Because it targets muscle and not just fat, Emsculpt is well suited to patients who do not have enough fat to warrant use of devices that only target adipose tissue. “You’re seeing three results when using Emsculpt in the abdomen,” Dr. Kent says. “You’re seeing increasing muscle, definition of the rectus. Two, you’re seeing reduction in fat. Three, the documentation of the reduction of the diastatic of the separation of the right and left rectus sheet.” That makes it a win-win-win for practices, he suggests. 

“If you want something non invasive, completely non invasive, then this device is really ideal,” Dr. Kinney offers. “It is non invasive, delegate-able, painless, easy to use, and pleasing to the patients who feel like something happened to them right away.”

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