EMSCULPT Body Treatment

Body Treatments

IDR 5,000,000 – 48,000,000

Introducing EMSCULPT, the revolutionary body contouring treatment that is transforming the fitness industry! EMSCULPT is here to help you achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of, without the need for strenuous exercise or invasive procedures.

Using advanced electromagnetic technology, EMSCULPT works to stimulate muscle contractions that are not possible through regular exercise. This leads to increased muscle mass and improved muscle definition, giving you the toned and sculpted physique you’ve always wanted.


Body Slimming And Firming Package - 2 hrs IDR 5,900,000
Emsculpt, Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Price List

Single Session for 1 area IDR 5,000,000
Belly / Bottom / Arms / Legs (*Add ons 1 area : 4,500,000)
Couple single Session IDR 9,500,000
Package of 4 Sessions IDR 18,000,000
2 weeks program
Package of 8 Sessions IDR 34,000,000
Package of 12 Sessions IDR 48,000,000