Biologique Recherche Treatment

IDR 2,500,000

*Price does not include 11% tax charge.

Recommended For Skin Instants That Are Thick, Sagging Or Lacking Tone

A transformative journey to epidermal rejuvenation. This remarkable personalized treatment harnesses the power of Biologique Recherche’s Lift C.V.S booster. Gently and effectively exfoliates the epidermis, clearing away dull and lifeless skin, smooth and refined skin texture, tone, contoured and rejuvenate, stimulate skin regeneration, promoting a faster and more effective renewal process for a youthful glow.

Steps included : Double cleanse – Welcoming massage – Lotion– Lift C.V.S booster – Mask – Quintessentials serum – Cream – Finishing serum – Sun care – Biokiss